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Having to deal with social anxiety is a big a challenge. Most affected people, however, decide to face it by themselves. The smallest part of SAD sufferers seeks professional help throughout their lives, which comes to no surprise given the nature of the disorder. But as with most major difficulties in life, it is easier to overcome them by teaming up with others than by tackling them alone. This is especially true for social anxiety disorder. It is characterized by a strong desire to connect with others, while believing at the same time that this would be undeserved or would only end in painful rejection. Trying to solve the issue of isolation (or fear of isolation) by isolating ourselves until we are perfect and ready to connect with others is a harmful strategy. It not only tends to make things worse, but paradoxically generates what we have been dreading: the absence of approval, love and connection.

Our team is here to offer direct support and guidance. We are experienced in working with people who suffer from social anxiety and are dedicated to making a positive difference in their lives. Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution to SAD, we believe in a holistic and unbiased approach. This allows for a clear picture to emerge on what helps the individual and what doesn’t. It also has to potential to shine a light on the underlying causes of the symptoms. Our approach is neither descriptive nor dogmatic and we believe in the power of responsibility. That is, the individual is the one in charge in taking the decisions for her or himself in an iterative process. We accompany this process by providing relevant information, asking constructive questions, making suggestions, maintaining an objective perspective on the current situation and the goals set by the client, and providing an emotional base she or he can rely on while trying to relate to the world in a new and so far unknown manner.

We offer two different types of counselling sessions:

1. Full sessions with a duration of 50 minutes

2. Half sessions with a duration of 25 minutes

Please feel free to schedule a one-time free 25-minute consultation to figure out whether you might benefit from us working together.

To schedule a full session with us, you will first need to purchase session credits in our store. Depending on you needs and desires, we offer different packages ranging from single sessions to up to thirty. Compare our packages to find out which one best fits your individual needs.

If you have already purchased a package, you can schedule your next session here.