Philosophy of Conquer Social Anxiety

This website aims to provide useful information for people suffering from social anxiety disorder. We distance ourselves from websites that promise a magic and quick solution to this complex problem. We have investigated the available research thoroughly and keep up to date with newest insights. We have suffered from social anxiety ourselves and been able to reduce it to a healthy degree which allows for a good quality of life. Over the years we have gathered experience working with socially anxious people. That’s why we don’t believe “overcoming social anxiety completely” is an achievable nor desirable goal, but rather advocate a reduction of it to a normal degree, and integrating the healthy and favorable part of it.

Please keep in mind that seeking help online is not to be seen as a substitute for working with a good and experienced therapist in person. Our first and most important recommendation is always to start a therapeutic face-to-face process, and see the information provided and services offered on this website as additional resources.