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The Mini Mindfulness Course for Social Anxiety

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This brief course aims to reduce social anxiety symptoms within a matter of weeks. It implements practical mindfulness exercises, such as formal meditation.

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This course is designed for people who suffer from social anxiety and who want to actively improve their situation through mindfulness practice.

It is the optimal solution for those interested in meditation, who are looking for practical tools to reduce their social phobia on a budget.

This course includes:

  • Introduction to mindfulness practice, including a practical step-by-step guide (Video & PDF);
  • 5 guided meditations tailored to the particular needs of socially anxious people (Video);
  • 5 guided exercises designed to foster qualities that are usually scarce in people with social phobia (Video);
  • Tips & tricks on how to maximize the anxiety-reducing effects of regular mindfulness meditation practice (video & PDF).

This mini course is designed to provide a quick and practical tool for people with social anxiety disorder. It can be completed within a couple of days. When practiced regularly, the practices taught in this course can lead to positive results within a matter of several weeks.