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Here, we answer the most frequent questions.

Does Social Anxiety Get Worse With Age?

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is an impressively common phenomenon. About 10% of people suffer from it at some point in their lives (Wittchen & Fehm, 2001). Usually, it begins during childhood or early adolescence. Affected people rarely ask for help, with only one in five individuals ever receiving professional treatment (Grant et al., 2005). This […]

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Is Social Anxiety a Mental Illness? Here Are 4 Different Views

Social anxiety refers to concerns about being judged, rejected, or negatively evaluated in social situations. When these concerns become excessive, we may speak of social anxiety disorder. But what does this mean? Is it a mental health condition? Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is considered a mental illness. It disables affected people to engage in everyday […]

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Is Social Anxiety Noticeable? Can You Tell If Someone Has It?

Socially anxious people usually worry about seeming socially inept and being rejected. Given the intense anxiety they often experience in social situations, they wonder if their social anxiety is noticeable and whether or not others can tell they have it. Social anxiety often comes along with observable signs of physical arousal. However, affected people tend […]

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Left untreated, social anxiety has a high risk of being permanent. It does not go away with age if it is not treated.

Is Social Anxiety Permanent?

Most of us are acquainted with feelings of insecurity and concerns of being judged. We may worry about the way we come across when meeting new people, starting a new job, or going on a date. While these concerns can be somewhat uncomfortable, they also help us make decent impressions on others and usually subside […]

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What Triggers Social Anxiety?

Some people experience social anxiety more frequently and more intensely than others. For many, it is difficult to discern what exactly sets off their social fears. Gaining clarity about what triggers your social anxiety is helpful if you want to reduce it. Social anxiety is triggered when we are highly motivated to convey a specific […]

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How to Help Someone With Social Anxiety?

Whether it is your spouse, your child, or a student of a class you teach: it is heartbreaking to see how social anxiety can stop people from living their lives. Given the nature of social phobia, affected people rarely ask for help. This makes it even more important that their loved ones learn how to […]

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Does It Matter What Others Think of You?

“You should not worry about what others think of you.” – You have probably heard this many times. But is that really good advice? Is it sign of self-confidence if you do not care about other people’s opinions of you? Is this something to strive for? It is normal to care about the opinions others […]

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Some people suffer from mild social anxiety, which is mostly a good thing, as it helps us to make good impressions.

Is It Possible to Have Mild Social Anxiety?

When thinking of social anxiety, most people picture a shy, introverted, and precautious person who severely struggles to interact with others. However, not everyone with social anxiety fits this description. Social anxiety exists along a continuum, ranging from mild to severe. Mild social anxiety is a normal and helpful trait. It helps us worry just […]

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