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Determined to Overcome Your Social Anxiety? Form Part of an Important & Necessary Change

It is estimated that between 4 – 13% of people worldwide suffer from social anxiety disorder at some point in their lives (Bandelow & Michaelis, 2015; Stein et al., 2017).

Out of these people, about four in five refrain from seeking professional help (Grant et al., 2005). Throughout a standard lifespan of 72 years, we are speaking of something between 0.25 and 1 billion people who silently suffer from SAD and try to deal with it on their own.

In many of these cases, social anxiety becomes chronic or fluctuates between different levels of intensity for the rest of their lives.

We want to encourage you to embark with us on a new era! Conquer Social Anxiety has made it its mission to improve access to professional treatment and help affected people become proactive in overcoming their SAD.

For this reason, we are offering a one-time free counseling session to everyone interested in actively conquering their social anxiety.

We are well aware of the hassles that come along with asking for help, especially for those suffering from social phobia. That’s why we do all we can to make this process as comfortable as possible to you.

Online Counseling for Social Anxiety: What to Expect?

Many people with SAD feel misunderstood by their loved ones and oftentimes even by their mental health care professionals, as the disorder is still stigmatized as simple shyness that can be beaten by willpower and bravery alone.

While willpower and bravery can certainly help when it comes to overcoming social anxiety, telling a socially anxious person to simply go out there and expose her- or himself to the feared social scenarios usually backfires.

Emotional and mental resources necessary for exposure exercises are often exhausted, which calls for an alternative treatment approach.

We have worked with many socially anxious people and studied the disorder extensively. We are specializing in clinical psychology and social anxiety disorder in order to provide professional help to those who are affected by this condition.

Having organized in-person therapy groups in Washington, DC and Buenos Aires, Argentina, we are now expanding to online counseling. We believe that it lowers the threshold for starting a therapeutic process and drastically improves accessibility to professional help on a global level.

Counseling for social anxiety improves global accessibility to treatment and facilitates the process of reaching out.

As there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for social anxiety disorder, it is crucial to determine which aspects play a pertinent role for a given person.

In our session, we will perform a thorough screening of your individual case, as this information will build the base for your personalized model of social anxiety.

This will allow us to come up with possible treatment suggestions tailored to your unique situation. In order to do this, together we will explore the following topics:

  • Your main problem area(s) with SAD
  • Current life situation and how it is affected by SAD
  • Development and course of your SAD
  • Previous treatments or medication (if applicable)
  • Scientific explanation of SAD
  • Definition of an achievable outcome goal
  • Practical suggestions to improve your current situation
  • Additional Q & A (if applicable)

Within 24 hours after finishing our session, we will send you a written version of your personalized model of social anxiety, along with suggestions for further possible interventions. We will also provide you with any PDFs we consider useful for your case and give you some ideas for practical things you can try and see if they help you cope.

Modalities of Online Counseling

While an online counseling session may be something pleasant for most people, those with SAD often refrain from scheduling one despite their desire to do so.

The fear of being judged, of having to talk to a complete stranger about one’s vulnerabilities, of being exposed through the webcam, can be very intimidating. For this reason, we offer various ways through which you can receive your counseling session.

While some people choose the default video call option, you can also opt for a voice call without video, for a text chat session without having to speak, and even for a voice message session, in which you can send voice notes whenever you feel ready to do so.

Like this, we hope to lower the threshold for you reaching out.

Are There Any Strings Attached?

If you are wondering “What’s the catch here?“, be assured there is none. Our intention is to help people with social anxiety become proactive and reach out for help.

While Conquer Social Anxiety finances its projects through purchasable counseling packages, it is entirely up to you whether or not you acquire additional counseling sessions at a later point and nobody is going to pressure you in doing so.

However, we want to encourage you to use your personalized model and suggestions to stay proactive in conquering your social anxiety.

Although you might find certain individuals who promise you to cure your social phobia within one or two sessions, we do not advocate a simple and quick solution of this type. We do not doubt that a person here and there may experience a sudden remission of the disorder, but it is not a common phenomenon.

There are hundreds of experts worldwide who are working hard to find the most effective treatment methods for SAD. Our suggestions are based on their findings and require substantial effort and lifestyle changes.

Not every approach works for every person. But with the right guidance, dedication and perseverance you will very likely decrease and potentially even overcome your social anxiety.

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Important Notice: Free sessions are currently on hold as we are working full time on our online course The Social Anxiety Program – which will launch in January 2022. For urgent inquiries, please email us:

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Please feel free to reach out in case you have any questions regarding the free session. For those who are looking for an in-person treatment, you can find a mental health professional in your area through the therapist search engine of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. It lists therapists from around the world.


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