Online Course: The CSA-Program

The Conquer Social Anxiety Program - A Complete Online Therapy Course

We are currently working on an online course for people suffering from SAD which will include interventions from various branches of psychotherapy.

The Conquer Social Anxiety Program is based on the most recent science as well as years of experience of clinical psychotherapy practice. It is a 10-week course comprised of 10 modules which will take you on a journey through the world of psychotherapy and its distinct approaches to SAD.

Besides providing relevant research regarding treatments and their effectiveness, the course is mainly designed to lead to actual change. Therefore, you will be introduced to numerous practical exercises that can transform your life.

Even though we always recommend working with an experienced therapist in person, we understand the reality of social anxiety and know most people never seek professional help.

An online course offers a great tool to get people in contact with themselves and their problem and can be understood as a stepping stone on their path to greater well-being.

The CSA-Program is planned to launch in March 2021. If you haven’t already done so, we recommend signing up to our community newsletter to stay tuned for updates. Community members also receive promo-codes for our services, which include the CSA-Program.

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